martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Comfortably Numb.


I have  a fixation on blipping my favorite songs while I'm chatting. Today, it was  a day to feel yourself as a squirrel. I enjoyed myself blipping all my Bunker's favorites songs. They were displayed on my FB wall, but I had to leave home . When I came back at nigh a big surprise was waiting for me. One of my best friends got angry with just because I blipped a song she wanted to post on her wall. It wasn't my intention to post the same thing she wanted. She treathened me by saying "I'm gonna delete my post because you have the same."  And it wasn't a threaten I checked her profile and yeap, the post wasn't there. Instead of it I found that she posted a song which is part of my A list's songs.

Well the song I found was Comfortably numb by Pink Floyd.  This is the sixth song  in the album  "The wall" released on 1979. Comfortably numb is well know for its guitar solos which had made it one of the most famous songs of this progressive band. The credits for this song are shared between  David Gilmour and Rogers Waters. The song itself  is  a masterpiece which had made different bands to cover the song looking for success. Asan example of this the American band Scisor Sisters made a cover in 1994. The realesed version reached number 10th in Uk Singles Chart. This achievement gave Sicisor Sisters their first hit and became the most successful cover of this osng by that time. Although the quelity of this cover is huge and a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording was received, it is  a pitty to know that lost to "Toxic" by Britney Spears.


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