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The Big Bang Theory Theme Song. By Ingrid Fuentes



Howard, Rajesh, Sheldon, Leonard and Penny might be familiar names for many people. Do you have any idea? ........

We're talking about the lead characters of the Warner Brothers TV show The Big Bang Theory. This TV show (I must confess) is one of our team-work favourites. The show demonstrates the systematic and routinely life style of two Caltech University prodigies living in their 20's. This entertaining show contrasts Leonard and Sheldon ' geekness with the easygoing way of living that Penny follows. With Penny's arrival to the neighbourhood, those geeks’ lives changes in a way that gives plenty of hilarious and awkward situations.



Since the show involves both an experimental  and  theoretical physicists, the opening theme should cover science matters in the lyrics. So this brings me to ask you this question: Do you know who the singer of the main theme is and how is this silly song is so representative of this great show?

Here the info, Barenaked Ladies is  a Canadian alternative rock band formed in the 1988 in Scarborough, Ontario. Its members are Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stewart. They wrote and recorded the opening theme which describes significant breakthroughs in human history. In fact the theme according to Samantha Holloway considered one of the most effective theme tunes on TV.


I got a video with captions!!!!! XD

So enjoy it !!!!








I hope not to disturb some people's feelings due to their exotic musical preferences =P

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